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Hoebel, The Cheyennes: Indians Of The Great Plains Essay

E. Adamson Hoebel’s The Cheyennes: Indians of the Great Plains is a point by point, complete ethnographic investigation of the tribe’s convictions, practices, and adjustment to their brutal condition. In spite of the fact that not the most grounded Plains individuals, the Cheyenne utilized their qualities to defeat their deterrents and keep up a strong, stable culture. An inactive town culture of the Algonquian language family, the Cheyenne moved from the upper Mississippi valley to the high fields of Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming around 1800 to get away from the threats of the neighboring Lakota (5). Their settled ways were upset and they became horse-riding and migrant, abandoning their town ways. Hoebel delineates their way of life as organized at this point adaptable, â€Å"rational and talented in social adaptation† (103), and intended for inside congruity as a methods for looking after union. The cruel fields condition, with extraordinary climate and little water or wood, â€Å"is the fundamental environmental truth controlling the Cheyenne† (63). They adjusted to this by getting versatile, moving as indicated by where assets could be effortlessly acquired, acing their social event, chasing, and exchanging abilities over a wide territory, and depending intensely on ponies. Their religion is various leveled, with being at all levels blessed with otherworldly powers. Spirits can show in human structure and their properties lie in their insight into how to work inside the universe. Hoebel composes that the Cheyenne accept â€Å"the universe if basically a mechanical framework which is acceptable fundamentally, however which must be appropriately comprehended and used to keep it delivering what people need† (89). They see the universe precisely, with spirits reacting to some degree typically as indicated by human acts. To make due in their dry prairie condition, the Cheyenne partitioned their work unbendingly along sexual orientation lines. The ladies accumulated roots, berries, and seeds while likewise searching for wood, raising and repairing tipis, while the men chased major game (for the most part buffalo, pronghorn, and elk) for meat and littler creatures (wolves and fox) for hide. Sexual orientation jobs administer work, yet additionally most regions of Cheyenne public activity. Guys and females for the most part stop blended sex associating at pre-adulthood, and guys join any of five military clubs once they arrive at battling age, while ladies have just the Robe Quillers (an outgrowth of their job as creators of attire). Be that as it may, some deviation exists †â€Å"Contraries† become transvestites while exaggerating the warrior job, while â€Å"halfmen-halfwomen† are gay. (Both are segregated at this point endured. ) The Cheyenne financial framework depended vigorously on exchange, however due to their area on the high fields they had constrained access to numerous dealers. They regularly filled in as delegates among more unfortunate and more extravagant clans, made a trip significant stretches to exchange their meat and vegetable merchandise (just as robes and cowhide products) for more food, just as decorative things like dabs and silver adornments. Their most significant item was the pony, frequently gained in exchange or taken from foes in assaults. Cheyenne legislative issues were sorted out by family, related, and band, and administered by the innate committee, where force lay â€Å"not in the possession of forceful war pioneers yet heavily influenced by calm harmony chiefs† (43). Made mostly out of more seasoned men chose for ten-year terms, the chamber attempted to determine inner clashes, which were viewed as more undermining than war, and had an about powerful position. A head minister boss (the Sweet Medicine Chief) and five medication boss directed and had command over most ceremonies. Hoebel’s study looks at most significant zones of the Cheyennes’ lives and delineates them as a clan that endure not by overpowering force, however by adjusting great to a requesting domain, exchanging as well as could be expected, and keeping up inner agreement and solidness. Hoebel, E. Adamson. The Cheyennes: Indians of the Great Plains. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1978.

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Econ 101 Model Building Exercise Research Paper

Econ 101 Model Building Exercise - Research Paper Example This implies monetary downturn signs may really upgrade enthusiasm for items that make individuals progressively appealing and respectable, in spite of the way that downturns hose enthusiasm for lion's share of item fragments. By recognizing why and how financial downturns and downturns influence the brain research of ladies, this model ought to advance creating joins between buyer conduct, monetary conditions, and sexual orientation connections brain research. Civi (2013) builds up that monetary downturns can be related dependably with expanded customer spending on customary sub-par merchandise, for instance prior salmon for fish because of budgetary limitations, just as resolve promoters like movies. While his exploration recognizes expanded spending on magnificence and individual consideration items, the proposal made is that this spending could be a third monetary downturn marker, which has profound roots in human familial brain research. Ratner et al (2014), thusly, note that the financial downturn of 2007/2008 saw a down-turn in spending for most customer items and land reliable with other monetary decays, while individuals were more averse to travel to rather investing energy at home. Be that as it may, even with the anticipated decrease in customer spending during the last downturn, magnificence and individual consideration items fared curiously well. Lopaciuk and Loboda (2013) bolsters this end, demonstrating that while the remaind er of the economy endured record deals decrease, restorative organizations like L’Oreal encountered a 5.3% deals development, utilizing this proof as verification of the ‘lipstick effect’. This thought, it is noted, has been dependent upon conversation and discussion in ongoing financial downturns, particularly in the Great Depression during which deals in makeup developed significantly. While customer spending has consistently would in general decrease amidst financial downturns and downturns, there is convincing proof that monetary downturns are connected to expanded purchaser spending on

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Mescaline Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help

Mescaline Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help Addiction Drug Use Hallucinogens Print What to Know About Mescaline Use By Elizabeth Hartney, BSc., MSc., MA, PhD Elizabeth Hartney, BSc, MSc, MA, PhD is a psychologist, professor, and Director of the Centre for Health Leadership and Research at Royal Roads University, Canada. Learn about our editorial policy Elizabeth Hartney, BSc., MSc., MA, PhD Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on August 10, 2019 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD on August 10, 2019 GummyBone / Getty Images More in Addiction Drug Use Hallucinogens Cocaine Heroin Marijuana Meth Ecstasy/MDMA Opioids Prescription Medications Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery In This Article Table of Contents Expand Common Side Effects Signs of Use Myths & Common Questions Tolerance & Dependence How to Get Help View All Back To Top Mescaline, also known as  3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine, is a hallucinogenic drug that occurs naturally in certain cacti plants native to the southwest United States, Mexico, and South America. These plants include the peyote cactus (Lophophora williamsii), the San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi), and the Peruvian Torch cactus (Trichocereus peruvianus). Mescaline has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years in religious ceremonies and for the treatment of various physical ailments. Although the use of mescaline products is illegal in the United States, peyote is recognized as a sacrament in the Native American Church of North America. When peyote is used in religious ceremonies, it is exempt from its classification as a Schedule I controlled drug  under the 1994 American Indian Religious Freedom Act (AIRFA). Also Known As: Mescaline is also sometimes known as peyote, buttons, moon, and cactus. Drug Class: Mescaline is classified as a hallucinogen. Common Side Effects: People who take mescaline may experience unpleasant side effects including anxiety, rapid heartbeat, tremors, hallucinations, and psychosis. How to Recognize Mescaline When naturally-derived, mescaline is found in the fruit or button-shaped seeds that grow on the outside of the cactus, which are cut off and dried and then eaten or sliced, boiled, and drunk as a tea. These buttons can also be dried and ground into an off-white powder put into pill capsules or smoked with tobacco.Mescaline can also be produced through chemical synthesis. Mescaline sulfate is the pure form of the drug and appears as a white crystalline material. What Does Mescaline Do? The effects of mescaline last for 10 to 12 hours, although the use of mescaline as a sacrament takes place over two days. As a hallucinogenic or psychedelic drug, mescaline induces an altered state of consciousness where people experience altered thinking and perception. People often describe this state as enjoyable, euphoric, and dream-like.   Visual hallucinations are a common effect of mescaline use, and people often describe distortions in their experience of time.   What the Experts Say There is little research on mescaline use and its effects. But there have been some limited studies on its frequency of use, the potential for overdose, and effects on mental health.?? Research suggests that: Recreational use tends to be uncommon. Although peyote can be used by Native Americans legally for ceremonial purposes, a small proportion uses the substance recreationally. While the research available is not extensive, in one study of 89 Native American adolescents, only 10 (11.2%) reported the illicit use of peyote. Most of them said they had only used illicit peyote once or twice in their lifetime.?? Those who had used illicit peyote were more likely to report low levels of social support, low levels of self-esteem, and low identification with Native American culture, although they had similar levels of involvement in Native American traditional practices as those who did not use illicit mescaline.Mescaline poisoning is rare. Another study of the California Poison Control System database for the years 1997 to 2008 showed that during that time there were only 31 cases of mescaline poisoning.Mescaline use is not linked to mental health issues. A study published in PLOS One found th at not only was there no link between the use of psychedelic drugs (which included LCD and mescaline) and mental health problems. In fact, the study found that the use of these substances was actually linked to a lower risk of mood disorders, psychosis, anxiety disorders, and psychological distress.?? Other Uses There has been limited research on mescalines potential medical uses. Some speculation suggests that the drug may have used in the treatment of alcoholism and depression, but more research is needed. Common Side Effects According to one study, commonly reported effects of taking mescaline included: Hallucinations, or seeing or hearing things that are not there or have no actual basis in reality. Although hallucinations are an expected  or even desired effect of hallucinogenic drugs, sometimes users find them much more troubling or frightening than expected, and, although users typically know hallucinations that occur in a mescaline intoxicated state are not real, they can cause a lot of confusion and distress.Tachycardia, or rapid heart rate. This was defined as a heart rate of over 100 beats per minute (bpm). While there may not be severe physical consequences of tachycardia for mescaline users, a fast heart rate can sometimes create anxiety in users, which can further speed up heart rate. Users can feel panicky, particularly if they are worried that using the drug is causing heart problems.Agitation, an emotional state of nervousness or nervous excitement, can occur out of nowhere when people take mescaline. It can also result from excessive worrying about other symptoms such as whether hallucinations are real or and perceived heart problems. Agitation can quickly turn to panic for people who have taken hallucinogens, which can lead to dangerous agitated behavior such as running off into unsafe environments like city streets with traffic, or rural areas with environmental hazards such as heights, swamps, etc. Less common effects included seizures, loss of consciousness, and vomiting. While these more serious effects arent common, it is important for users and potential users to be aware that taking these substances do carry these risks. Signs of Use Some possible signs that someone might be using mescaline include: Flushed skinHeadachesPoor coordinationIncreased energy levelsLack of appetiteDifficulty sleepingNausea or vomiting  Changes in moodHallucinationsPresence of drug paraphernalia Myths Common Questions Mescaline is sometimes confused with the Mexican alcoholic beverage mezcal, which, despite drug folklore, is made from agave, not a cactus, and does not contain mescaline. The worm that is sometimes found in a bottle of mezcal does not, as often purported, induce a mescaline high because it does not contain the drug either. Although mescaline is not a particularly well-known street drug, it holds a special place in drug culture, particularly among psychedelic drug users who may believe that, like magic mushrooms and marijuana, psychedelic cactus are sacred plants and should be revered due to their origination in nature. As mescaline is often thought of as a natural or safe substance, users may be less likely to report effects than with chemical substances, instead perhaps choosing to manage the effects of the drug without the support of health services. Tolerance, Dependence, and Withdrawal There is no current research suggesting that mescaline use leads to physical dependence, psychological dependence, or addiction. Tolerance does take place, however, and tends to occur quite rapidly. Tolerance means that people need to take more of the drug in order to achieve the same effects. With repeated use, tolerance can occur in as little as three to six days. Cross-tolerance with other drugs such as LSD and psilocybin may also be possible.     How Long Does Mescaline Stay in Your System? The amount of time mescaline stays in the system depends on factors such as an individuals metabolism, hydration levels, body mass, and overall health. Mescaline can be detected in urine for between two to three days but can be detected by hair follicle tests for up to 90 days. How Long Mescaline Stays in Your System Addiction Mescaline does not appear to be addictive, although further research is needed to determine if addiction is possible. That said, any substance that distorts the users perceptions of reality is potentially harmful, as users can more easily misinterpret reality, or have accidents. In terms of toxicity, however, evidence may point to mescaline carrying a lower risk than many other recreational drugs. Withdrawal Quitting mescaline does not lead to physical symptoms of withdrawal, but people may experience psychological symptoms that lead them to seek out the drug. People sometimes utilize substances such as mescaline to self-medicate, to avoid lifes problems, or to cope with stress. Giving up mescaline use may require addressing underlying psychological issues first. How to Get Help There are no treatments for mescaline use that are currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).     Treatment for substance misuse and addiction often involves cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a process that addresses the underlying thought patterns that contribute to maladaptive behaviors. It is not uncommon for a combined approach that includes CBT with individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and support groups. Antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and other medications may be used to address the symptoms of underlying psychological conditions. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your mescaline use. You can also contact SAMHSAs national helpline at 1-800-662-4357 or search their online treatment locator for a referral to mental health services in your area.

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Communication Is Vital Organ Of Any Organisation - 1309 Words

Communication is vital organ of any organisation. Communication plays a significant role running efficiently day to day operations of the company. Communication practices in organisations play a decisive role in company’s success and failure (Fearn-Banks, 2010). The purpose of this paper is to explore Hynes strategic approach to managerial communication. The paper will further investigate a situation that depicts communication crises. For the purpose of the communication crises analysis, case study of Walmart has been selected to investigate deeply into the crisis and devising solutions for managing the communication issues. Managerial Communication Just as the organs, brain, eye, heart, kidney, liver and lungs are vital to sustain†¦show more content†¦70% to 90% of the manager’s time is spent in communication irrespective of the type of organisation. This is because, within an organisation, a manager is responsible for handling vast amount of information. Therefore, a manager should have strong communication skills in order to select most significant and timely pieces of information and should be able to sort from the information pool and to disseminate information appropriately. Although the communication is not an easy process and therefore, most of the time, the managers are face numerous barriers and challenges to overcome the hurdles and to establish a natural continuous and appropriate communication structure within the organisation in order to communicate effectively from the subordinates (Seeger, Sellnow, Ulmer, 2012). For effective managerial communication, the managers of the organisation should be skill full and should be well versed and well aware of the cultural norms of the organisation. For establishing the best communication channel within the organisation, understanding cultural norms help the managers to enhance the communication flow and structure of the organisation. The manager should also be well aware of the purpose of communication and should also take care of the quality of language and the receiver of message. The manager should also take care of the message content and should also have the

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A Rose for Emily Essay example - 901 Words

A Rose for Emily tells the tale of a lonely woman named Emily Grierson and the events that occur since her father died up and up until her death. The unique thing about this story is that it isn’t told in chronological order. Faulkner transitions from the past to the present all throughout the story. The events being out of order make the story more interesting and it also creates suspense. The audience might be confused at times but at the end of the story everything adds up and makes sense. I think that if Faulkner had told it in chronological order it would have been boring and predictable. The story is divided into five sections. The first section says that Miss Emily has died and the whole town goes to her funeral. The†¦show more content†¦Emily and Homer grow closer and the townspeople notice their relationship. They start to gossip and bad mouth them because it’s embarrassing to her family that Emily is dating a man from a lower social class than her. T ired of being ridiculed by the whole town, Emily goes to a drugstore to buy arsenic. The druggist says, â€Å"if that’s what you want. But the law requires you to tell what you are going to use it for.† (Faulkner 213), but Emily didn’t say anything. All throughout the story, Faulkner writes in a way that makes us feel sympathy for Emily. For example, at the end of the story we find out that she didn’t really commit suicide with the arsenic she bought. When I was reading the third section, I really felt bad for Emily because I thought that she was going to commit suicide. Her life seemed pretty horrible. Her father died so she was pretty much all alone and then when she finally found love, the town wouldn’t stop ridiculing her. So it made sense to me that she had reasons to kill herself. Faulkner’s out of order events tricked us into thinking she bought the arsenic for herself. In a way, this made the story more interesting because when I was reading that paragraph, I was really interested in it. Even the townspeople assume that she is going to kill herself so they call a Baptist minister to personally speak with Emily. The minister tried his best to help but he couldn’t so his wife writes to Emily’s two cousins that live inShow MoreRelatedA Rose for Emily889 Words   |  4 PagesLiterary Analysis for â€Å"A Rose for Emily† Sometimes a Rose is Not a Rose: A Literary Analysis of â€Å"A Rose for Emily† In the short story â€Å"A Rose for Emily†, written by William Faulkner, the negative impact of Emily’s upbringing by an overprotective father, leads to incredible pattern in her life and the obvious mental illness that takes over as she not so graciously ages. While written in five sections, the first and last section is written in present time, and the three middle sectionsRead Moreâ€Å"a Rose for Emily†1309 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"A Rose for Emily† Character Analysis of Miss Emily Grierson â€Å"A Rose for Emily† written by William Faulkner, is a story of Miss Emily Grierson, a woman who was born into a wealthy family in the town of Jefferson. She grew up and lived in a huge Victorian home with servants. After the Civil War, it seems that her family’s wealth started to diminish but the Grierson’s were still trapped in the past of their family’s wealth. Emily Grierson’s past and present life is being recalled by a narratorRead Morerose for emily1661 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ â€Å"A rose for Emily† â€Å"A Rose for Emily† is a story about Emily Grierson who kills her Yankee boyfriend Homer Barron and lives with his body in her bedroom for over forty years. However, the story is not really about Miss Emily’s actions, but more about the society that made her into who she is and how it conflicted with the ever changing post southern civil war society. Miss Emily grew up as part of an aristocratic Southern family, with an overpowering father who refused to allow her to be courtedRead MoreA Rose for Emily’764 Words   |  3 Pagesis a much deeper and more significant’’. In a ‘’Rose for Emily’’ starts off were the people are in Emily’s funeral they describe her as the women she was a fallen monument. A number of personality and intent can be an indication of much larger plot in a rose for Emily by William Faulkner. She was I person that when she want something she would gated. A number of personality and intent can be an indication of much larger plot in a rose for Emily by William Faulkner. She was I person that whenRead MoreA Rose for Emily731 Words   |  3 Pageselements of â€Å"A Rose for Emily† Gothic can be defined as â€Å"literature dealing with the strange, mysterious, and supernatural designed to invoke suspense and terror in the reader.† (Pickering, 2004, p. 1425) Gothic literature generally presents the same themes and motifs: love lost, hidden secrets, love and death hand in hand, beauty, youth, grotesque characters, macabre eroticism, etc. Gothic literature also explores taboo subjects such as murder, suicide and incest. â€Å"A Rose for Emily†, by WilliamRead MoreRose for Emily1559 Words   |  7 PagesEscaping Loneliness In A Rose for Emily, William Faulkners use of setting and characterization foreshadows and builds up to the climax of the story. His use of metaphors prepares the reader for the bittersweet ending. A theme of respectability and the loss of, is threaded throughout the story. Appropriately, the story begins with death, flashes back to the past and hints towards the demise of a woman and the traditions of the past she personifies. Faulkner has carefully crafted a multi-layeredRead MoreA Rose for Emily654 Words   |  3 PagesLasinda Lemons Professor Hix English 1302 Section 11417 October 2, 2006 A Rose for Emily In â€Å"A Rose for Emily† I feel the story is being narrated in third person not only by one person but also from several of the townspeople, most of those being white southern locals (based on the time period of the story). The story is set in Jefferson, Mississippi during the early 1900’s. The author of the story William Faulkner himself came from Mississippi, which is an inspiration for manyRead MoreA Rose for Emily1840 Words   |  8 PagesA Rose for Emily Essay Title: The Jealous Townspeople I. Thesis Statement: A Rose for Emily is a story of the envy harbored by the citizens in reaction to Miss Emily’s pride, reclusiveness, and heritage. II. A. Topic Sentence: Miss Emily’s heritage is the first and most important reason the town’s people were desirous of her. 1. Supporting Sentence: Miss Grierson was born into a prominent family the residents of her town recognized as being an old and distinguished family. Read MoreCharacter Analysis of Emily Rose in a Rose for Emily726 Words   |  3 PagesThe character Emily Rose in A Rose for Emily is considered a static character because; her traits throughout the story do not change. In the story she is deemed as quiet, inhuman and, even mad. However, through further inspection; there are characteristics displayed throughout the story that can possibly prove that Emily was a dynamic character. Throughout the piece Emily changes both mentally, socially and physically. Miss Emily, the main character of this story, lives for many years as a recluse;Read MoreEmily Grierson From A Rose For A Rose For Emily1233 Words   |  5 Pagescritical essay that Emily Grierson from a â€Å"Rose for ‘A Rose for Emily’† was empowered and victimized by her gender and class. However the girl from â€Å"Boys and Girls† and Gertrude from Hamlet had not been as lucky as Miss Emily. In a â€Å"Rose for ‘A Rose for Emily’† Emily Grierson was the daughter of Mr. Grierson, who was a respected man in Jefferson. After his death Miss Emily still conserved her title of a lady even if all the town folks knew that she didn’t have money left. Miss Emily took advantage of

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The Act of Valor Free Essays

The Act of Valor Today’s society consists of a diverse human race that shares a common goal, to live life to its fullest potential. In the film, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, the main character, Frodo, is set out on a quest to destroy the ring that has long acquired the presence of evil. On his quest to destroy the ring, he encounters many challenges. We will write a custom essay sample on The Act of Valor or any similar topic only for you Order Now His challenges consists of keeping the ring safe from the evil ones who want it back, making sure the ring gets to the destination, and keeping his life safe from harm. Along his journey, he is joined by a couple of his friends, all of which he must learn to trust, in order to destroy the rings that possesses evil. They are faced with the challenges to keep safe from Saruman and his orcs, the black riders, and Sauron’s soul. Throughout his journey, his qualities of a hero show. He owns the qualities of resilience, determination, courage, trust, and heroism. Without the qualities he possesses, it would have been an impossible task to complete. Frodo faces many challenges as he tries to destroy the ring. Those who seek to retrieve the ring are out to murder him. Without the help of his friends and those who care for him, he would not have stayed alive. Through his courage and determination, he shows that he can be trusted to be the one that destroys the ring. He is equipped with many qualities that help him complete the task. His optimism brought the strength he needed to succeed. As individuals in today’s society, we face many challenges in our lives. Yes, challenges can bring us down, but it also makes us stronger. Some of us are faced with challenges such as being able to survive, fighting cancer, being the first to go to college, being able to pay for bills, etc. Nevertheless, each of us encounters challenges that help shape and develop our lives. Challenges are not meant to kill anyone, but instead they are meant for people to reach their full potential in being able to find the answers and strength to be able to overcome the challenges we face. Each of us is born for a reason. It is impossible to tell what out fate is, but as time goes by, we start to find out just what our mission on Earth is. Frodo possesses the qualities of a Hero Archetype. Being a determined, resilient, trustworthy, and courageous individual, he is one that pleases everybody. Frodo never quit with being able to destroy the ring. Although he faced many challenges along the way, he managed to stay strong. He witnessed Gandalf’s death, he was nearly dead, and he had to leave his home to complete the task, but despite all that he encountered along the way, he managed to be determined. There were many negative effects on Frodo, but he maintained his composure and stayed optimistic until the end. Each of us has been knocked down multiple times by school, work, or simply the stress that we all face. Being knocked down is for us to realize what we need to do to get back up. Determination is the key to withstanding any negative effects on life. If we have a positive outlook on life and how our future will be, we can start to be heroes of our own lives. Frodo’s goal was to destroy the ring. Facing the challenges that follows as he is on his journey may impact him. By being determined, his goal to protecting the ring from the evil is reached. In our lives, we have many goals in life that we want to reach. We make mistakes here and there, but we learn from them and grow stronger. By being determined and positive, we can make sure our goals are reached. During Frodo’s journey, his friends and individuals who help protect him from those that want to retrieve the ring from him accompany him. They guide him in his journey to find his way safely. They are there to protect him from the evil that surrounds him. During our lives, we befriend many individuals who help us with our future. These friends of ours, are people we trust, turn to when they are in need, or simply to have a sense of security. Just like Fordo being accompanied by his friends, we have friends we turn to when we need them. Frodo’s task is to protect the ring from the evil black riders that want it back. As he is on his journey, he makes many decisions that help him and his friends stay alive. The critical decision making that he makes throughout the film are vital in order to keep the ring in his possession, as well as stay alive. We are faced with making decisions that are crucial to our future. Without making the best decision, we cannot be successful in our lives. Frodo’s decision making made it possible for him to succeed. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, is not just a film, but it also shows its comparison to today’s society. Frodo faces many challenges while he is set out on his quest to destroy the ring. Each of us, face challenges in our life that make it difficult for us to succeed, but by working extra hard, we can manage to overcome any challenge. Also, Frodo makes vital decisions that help with the safety and survival of Frodo and the group of followers. We face many points in our lives that consist of valuable decision-making. Those who want to protect him, as well as his friends accompany Frodo. During our lifetime, we befriend many people who become treasures to our hearts. Being able to have people we can turn to and trust is truly amazing. The film shows many relations between reality and how the movie is portrayed. As Frodo is on his journey to destroying the ring, he shows great heroism that is noticed by many. How to cite The Act of Valor, Essay examples

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HR Planning and Recruitment Factors Samples †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the HR Planning and Recruitment Factors. Answer: Factors that May impact Organization attraction of Talents for events and conference manager An environmental scan was carried out with an objective of examining the factors that are likely to affect the organizations ability to attract talent both in the short-term and long-term. These factors were classified into two: internal and external factors. Internal Factors These are the factors which the management has the power to control. These include recruitment policy, size of the organization, and cost of recruitment, Recruitment policy This is a significant aspect of HR planning for it contains the specific recruitment objectives and a framework for the implementation of the recruitment strategy. A good recruitment strategy should ensure equality and all applicants treated with dignity and respect, transparent, and in line with regulations on hiring. Potential employees are likely to be un-attracted by policies void of all or some of these features. Firm Size Prospective employees would like to engage themselves with developed organizations because they believe in such an environment the growth opportunities are numerous (Atkinson Storey, 2016). Recruitment cost Since the process of recruitment incurs a cost to the company, the management may settle for a method which is much cheaper at the expense of the quality of recruitment. This may end up attracting talents that are not best qualified for the position. External factors These comprise of external forces that the firm has no power over. Demand and supply If the demand for events and conference managers is high in the labor market, then there will be limited supply of potential candidates and vice versa (Shafique, 2012). Goodwill If the organization has a positive image to the public, then it will attract many potential employees compared to when it has a negative public image (Kim Park, 2011). Legal environment Specific government and union regulations do restrict the type or source of a candidate for employment. For stance, the Indian legislation on reserved jobs for specific castes (Siavelis, 2012). This limits the freedom of the HR to select the best performing candidates External Recruitment Strategy Recruitment Time outline November December 2017 The recruitment strategy meeting The recruitment team from the Human Resource department will meet to deliberate on: Methods of recruitment Job advertisements- will involve the use of local and international newspapers and recruitment fairs. This is an economical method, and many people are likely to be reached. Personal recommendation- Current employees will be allowed to recommend any competent candidate. This process is short and has high chances of getting the right candidate because the employees would like to safeguard their reputation Events Places like seminars and conferences can be used to get the target candidate. This method is trial and error, but its concise and has high chances of getting the right candidate. Any foreseeable recruitment challenges such as permanent vs. seasonal candidates, the flexibility of the candidates, and the issue of distance. Recruitment for long-term The recruitment process Posting of position- on job boards Posting closed all applications accepted until the specified closing date and time Applications reviewed and shortlisting- applications are reviewed, examined and vetted. Only the selected ones are contacted Shortlisted candidates forwarded to the HR department for selection References Atkinson, J., Storey, D. J. (Eds.). (2016).Employment, the small firm and the labour market. Routledge. Kim, S. Y., Park, H. (2011). Corporate social responsibility as an organizational attractiveness for prospective public relations practitioners.Journal of business ethics,103(4), 639-653. Shafique, O. (2012). Recruitment in the 21st Century. Siavelis, P. M. (2012).Pathways to power: Political recruitment and candidate selection in Latin America. Penn State Press.